about me page my ass

(tl;dr at the end for the lazy people)

Hi, i'm yoshi, i'm a 14 year old slacker. hahaha.

I have various interests, like gaming and HTML.

I was on YouTube since around 2007/2008 (possibly 2006 as well), watching GTA Vice City and Need For Speed videos as well as some Mario videos.

My gaming interests started to grow around 2009/2010 with the game known as Dracula Twins. It was a 2.5D (2D platformer with 3D graphics) platformer game with you playing as one of Dracula's siblings. I was really hooked to this game, but never got past chapter 2 until a few years later, where i beat the game. I was also into GTA Vice City, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Need For Speed Carbon, but i never beat those games either.

Later, in 2012, i was on vacation in Poland and picked up a magazine for children's games (games targeting ages around 7-10) and read about a game called Minecraft. I was really excited to play it, and when i returned home to Denmark, i went on my favorite polish torrenting site (now dead, RIP) and downloaded the game. I was really scared of the wolves at first. Nevertheless, i was absolutely addicted to this game playing very actively from around 2012-2015. I still played it a bunch in 2016-2017 and i still go on it sometimes to play for a few minutes.

Around April 2016, i've started playing Toontown Rewritten and i've been active on it until mid-2017 or so, due to the game being incredibly grinding and boring at endgame. I still check in every now and then to do stuff.

Since i was hooked to TTR, i registered for TTRForums in September 2016. Again, i've been active on it until mid-2017. Despite the lack of frequent activity, i was still kinda active, and even today, i post a status update every now and then.

I've also been a part of the old Roblox community for a while since around February 2017 but left in early 2018 because i was sick of the horrendous toxicity everywhere.

I started to get into websites in June 2016 with my first site made in Weebly called Mingler Daily. It wasn't exactly the best website ever, but i was satisfied with it. I stopped posting on it in July 2016, and made one final post in October 2016.

In early 2017, i created a website, also made in Weebly, for "documenting" issues of the Club Penguin Rewritten newspaper called Club Penguin Rewritten Times and later made a spin-off of it for Vintage Penguin called Vintage Penguin Times. I eventually abandoned these projects, and said goodbye with a half-assed goodbye post, to let people know i've moved on to my Neocities site. About that...

I've created my Neocities account on May 31st, 2017. I was introduced to it after i saw a old roblox website using it. I was originally planning to do a DeviantMUD revival kind of thing, but when i couldn't get the website source, nor the download for the game, i gave up and decided to turn it into my own webcorner.

Over the past year, the site has evolved with better code (i used to use the center tag for centering stuff) and better design (the site used to be another 90s nostalgia geocities dumpster in June 2017)


i was on yt in the early days, i started gaming actively in 2007/08, i got into minecraft in 2012, i started playing ttr in april 2016, i started playing old roblox in february 2017, my first website was made in weebly in june 2016, my neocities site was made on may 31st 2017, orignally planned to be a deviantmud revival and it turned into the site that it is now.

With the autobiography out of the way, here is the about me stuff you were looking for:

I like to listen to Pink Floyd and Dream Theater on my iPod Nano. I'm also into gaming, and i play games like Dead Rising. But i'm more into retro gaming and i mostly play games like Quake, Max Payne and Serious Sam.

I'm into forums like TTRForums and TerraLuna (a Sims 1 forum). resetera sucks di-

I'd consider myself a newbie/intermediate at HTML and i really only know the basics of CSS.

enjoy the other pages i guess /shrug