20,000 views! + Links page restored (5/22/2018)

Been a while since i posted, huh? Anyways, my site reached 20,000 views recently! Thank you to everyone who visited my site, even those who hate it and viewed it to laugh at. It's such a incredible goal for me!

In other news, i went to Blue Background and White Text HTML simulator once again, brought back the links page and added some stuff. Yay.

Stay tuned for the 1st anniversary of my Neocities account as well!

Flash Page + New Neocities Discord (5/14/2018)

So uhh, i restored the Flash page from Blue Background and White Text HTML simulator and made it better. New content soon.

Also, i created a new Neocities discord for y'all! The link is on top of the index.

You may be asking yourself: "BU-BUT WHY YOU MAKING A NEW ONE WHEN THERE EXISTS ONE ALREDY ASHDKJADHSJHLHKFHEFEHEKLFWEKFDLHDS". Well, i made it because rocketmix is fucking incomptent as hell, refuses to do a simple task that will improve the server (remove Dyno which i have personal history with) and also just simply ignores it/does other things that ""help"" instead of simply removing the mod. Tell me, rocketmix, how hard for you is it to hover your mouse over Dyno, right click and press Kick? Your arms went dead or something and used your nose to type?

I think i need to stop there before i make this post 543 paragraphs. Just join the new server pls.

New redesign. (5/13/2018)

This site looks much better now. If you wish to view the old site, the link is on the main page.


New flash goodies page! (5/2/2018)

A simple page with Adobe Flash goodness. I love Adobe Flash content so i made this page.

New unique embeds! (5/1/2018)

A easy thing to add but it's still neat. Previously, all embeds looked exactly the same for all pages. Now, all pages have a unique embed! Example:

More pages will come soon too, so stay tuned for that!

8 pages already! (4/29/2018)

Oh man, 8 pages. Never in my time as a HTML coder guy i've made so many, let alone in that short span of time. It's mostly because the pages are basic and stuff, but still i find it a pretty cool milestone. I'll make a thing for my 10th page. :P

Looking back at my HTML trash. (4/28/2018)

Yesterday in the Neocities Discord, me, Mariteaux and elementz were talking about Neocities and how it has a lot of Web 1.0 garbage from kiddies with Gifcities and W3Schools. I mentioned my old site from July 2017 and another site i made with ""A E S T H E T I C S"" called Chillwave. As you might have guessed, both look absolutely obnoxious and terrible. What's wrong with Chillwave you may ask? Well, for starters, it's filled with shitty gifs, it has autoplay, the backgrounds look shit and it has forced A E S T H E T I C S. I hate this site so much i added a little embed thing for it.

What about my old site from July 2017? It's just another "GEOCITIES 90S RAD NOSTALGIA GUESTBOOK AND GIFS EVERYWHERE" site. There's not really much to it.

Oh well, i'll be going now. And for those who do this shit:

Added a A-Frame world. (4/27/2018)

A simple thing i did. It's mostly based off of joppiesaus' world.

Welcome. (4/24/2018)

Welcome to the blog! Sit down and make this place your new home. This blog is using HTML made by Neocities Discord user Mariteaux#1020. Thanks for the code, man.