yoshi's thoughts

new site opened! (9/9/2018)

i've just opened a new site called ToontownDB. Go check it out, as most of my focus will go on that site.

my experience with gta 4 with no serial (8/31/2018)

i went to the thrift store today and got myself a copy of gta 4. it didn't come with the manual (which had the serial), but i didn't think much of it then.

so i come home, install the game, and then i see that i have to activate it. it asks me for a serial. which i don't have.

i've found out that booting the main game exe actually runs fine, but after a few minutes into the game, the camera goes into drunk mode without being drunk.

it was highly annoying and i couldn't play the game properly. that's when i realized shit hit the bed.

i've looked for a serial or a alternative solution for 20 damn minutes with no luck.

so i've spent another 5 minutes looking for a crack and i finally found one!

i was very relieved and could finally play the game properly.

i've uploaded the patch and the crack to my conglomo directory here so hopefully people don't have to go through the same hassle as me.

website thrown into the wild (8/26/2018)

hi there! welcome to version 3.0 of my site! this time it has a actual navbar!!! wowowow

all you need to know is that there's a about me page and it's fucking long. luckily for you, you lazy ass, i made a tl;dr on it.

pls don't try to register for resetera

my first real post will arrive soon.

and yes, i have backed up the old site.